Our Vision and Purpose

 Our Vision;

Reaching the lost and broken with wholeness and purpose.

Our Purpose;

Is to build Spiritual training centers and embassies, that teach and model to people how to migrate from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light. These ambassadors and disciples are then sent out to declare our King and Kingdom and enforce the Victory of Jesus in our homes, cities, and spiritual territories. We will with the help of the Holy Spirit produce armies of ambassadors to assault the kingdom of Satan by proclaiming the life and freedom in the Word of God, and by expressing the heart of the King, Jesus, drawing all men unto Him and the Cross of Calvary.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to proclaim and visibly demonstrate the Kingdom of God though enforcing the victory of Calvary, by raising up an army of Ambassadors that will share His love in salvation, healing, deliverance and teaching to observe all that He commanded. It is the mandate of this church to walk in love, first to one another, and then to our neighbors, our community, our city, our nation and the world, through dedicating ourselves to evangelism (outreach), restoration (build up individuals), and the breaking down of racial and denominational walls. We will further demonstrate our love by reaching out to all those in need spirit, soul and body. We will feed the hungry, clothe the naked and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world.