Event - Human Trafficking

Learn about Human Trafficking

Happening in the Tri-City region.
January 17th 2019 at 6:00 PM

Island View Worship Center - 1520 Fowler St. Richland WA

The Director of Mirror Ministry Will Be Sharing

Mirror Ministries is a Victim and Survivor support and advocate ministry to restore dignity and worth to victims.

Information will be shared about: 

Children and young people are being trafficked right in our own schools. Victims are from all age groups and social classes.

Learn about how people are being targeted and setup to be blackmailed. Also, how to talk with our children and what to watch for to keep them safe.

As members of our community, what can we watch for that would be red flags to trafficking and individuals that are being groomed by traffickers.

The best way to displace the darkness is to turn the lights on.

Learn how to become an Advocate or Mentor      An Offering will be taken for MIRROR