Our Core Values

Our Core Values


1.  Our church is building and sustaining a healthy Holy Spirit filled atmosphere.

2.  Our church is establishing a prayer-intercession ladder connecting heaven and earth.

3.  Our church assimilates prophetic truths and trends with wisdom and balance.

4.  Our church is a word-driven, Bible based church.

5.  Our church is about growing believers deeper in their walk with God. “Building Warriors of the Faith”

6.  Our church is a family-blessing and a family-building church. The family is the center of civil civilization.

7.  Our church has faith in God to opening the doors of divine opportunity. Everyone is important and has a purpose.

8.  Our church experiences and sustains the awesome manifested presence of God.

9.  Our church builds the house of God with living stones and strong leadership pillars. Everyone is special and unique.

10.  Our church walks in covenant commitment in giving through tithes and offerings.

11.  Our church believes God’s house to be a place of healing, miracles and deliverance.