Our Worship

  1. We are committed to sustaining a fervent spirit of worship in our congregation through the biblical expressions of worship as taught in Scripture.
  2. We are committed to maintaining proper spiritual preparation for worship through pre-service prayer for all worshipers, especially those who lead in worship.
  3. We are committed to furthering a spirit of excellence in our music and worship ministry-excellence in integrity, attitude, dress, modesty, etcetera.
  4. We are committed to the river of God as being the power and the purpose for our worship. I am not interested in techniques, methods or creativity that does not enhance the river of God. All songs and worship should be in the river of God, in the flow of the Holy Spirit. We are a people of His presence.
  5. We are committed to teaching that the Tabernacle of David is a pattern for New Testament worship (order of singers and musicians).
  6. We are committed to pursuing the prophetic word and prophetic song released in the presence of true worship.
  7. We are committed to the theology of creativity and spontaneity as it is rooted in God’s Word, allowing for new and contemporary expressions in both music and song. God is alive–living, changing, and growing through us–so our worship must be new, growing, changing and open to what God is desiring to do and say in our worship.
  8. We are committed to worship and praise through instruments. We shall endeavor to nurture more skilled musicians, more instruments of all types and prophetic spirit upon the instruments.
  9. We are committed to nurturing a dynamic, unified, committed, spirited, anointed, flexible, prophetic, cutting-edge, edifying, stronghold-breaking, devil-chasing, worshiping church.


D = Davidic worship

A = Arts

V = Voices

I = Instruments

D = Drama